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My name’s Amo and I’m a professional blog writer based in Birmingham. If you’d like to learn more about me and my badass blogging background, please visit my homepage. If you’d like to hear about my blog writing services, do read on…

Blogs are great! However, so many businesses don’t utilise them properly at all which is a darn shame. I often see blogs that haven’t been updated in years or contain content that won’t be getting read and therefore serves no purpose. 

Here are the rules I follow to ensure that a blog will get read…

Solve a problem or answer a question

If you’re starting a blog or your blog currently attains very little traffic, one of the best things to do is solve problems or answer questions that are related to your industry. 

Even if your topic is niche, it is likely that there are competitors who have already covered it. If that is the case and if we want to outrank these rivals, then our blog post has to be better! It needs to be more in depth, more comprehensive and more digestible. 

Unless they are news posts, it’s rare that good blogs are under 1,000 words. It’s all about quality of the blog posts rather than just churning out shorter content for the sake of it. 

Today is the age of skim readers

When people are searching for an answer or solution, they will want to do so as quickly as possible. With that in mind, the readability of blogs needs to be nothing short of great meaning each blog post needs to be broken up with subheadings, images, GIFs, Videos etc. 

The subheadings will allow users to find the specific content they’re looking for as quickly as possible, the images and GIFs will retain the readers attention (as nobody wants to see just words on a blog anymore) and the video will allow the user to delve into a subtopic in more detail if they wish to. 

As well as subheadings, a clickable contents box under the blog’s intro is also a very user friendly element that I would include, especially if the blog is a sizeable one. 

Write with personality

You want to engage your readers and I find the best writing style for that is a conversational one…I liken it to writing an imaginary podcast transcript. A lot of my blog intros contain a unique fact or opinion which immediately shows the reader that this isn’t your average blog churned out by a junior copywriter at an agency. 

For example, here’s the opening paragraph from a blog I recently wrote regarding artificial intelligence in digital marketing…

“Artificial Intelligence or AI is an issue that is being discussed more frequently with each passing year. The technology is progressing at such a rate that you may not be aware just how AI currently impacts your day to day life. Siri or Alexa, Google Maps, your Netflix top picks, Amazon’s product recommendation and what appears first on your Facebook/Instagram feeds are just a few examples of popular products powered by AI that are used by millions every day! The ever-eccentric Elon Musk has been one of the most vocal criticisers of advancing the technology and claims that AI could become “an immortal dictator from which we would never escape.” So… the future doesn’t look too rosy (praise be our AI overlords) but, as you may have gathered from the examples above, present day AI is having a massive impact on the digital marketing industry and this article will tell you exactly how AI is changing digital marketing for the better!”

An intro such as this is far more compelling than a cookie cutter introduction that you see all over the internet. Here’s an example from a blog on the same topic…

“AI is now more accessible than ever, allowing brands both big and small to benefit from the insights and automation options it provides.”

Which blog would you continue to read? Also, if you searched for a different topic and came across the two websites again in search engines, which would you be more compelled to click on? 

Good content gets read and good content will incentivise users to return to read more. That has been the case since the dawn of blogging and that hasn’t changed. 

The headline act

80% of users will decide whether or not to read a piece of content based on its headline. With that in mind, you’ve got to make your headline stand out from the crowd! 

There’s a very simple way to make your title stand our from the generic ones and that is by adding more compelling words. Let’s go back to the AI in digital marketing example…

Generic headline example – “How AI is changing Digital Marketing”

Better headline example – “How AI will revolutionise the Digital Marketing Industry”

It’s just a subtle change but it makes the world of difference. 

Don’t forget about SEO

Good old search engine optimisation. 

It never does any harm to see what long tail keywords are being searched in your industry.  

This can tell you which keywords would be beneficial to weave into your content wherever relevant and potentially give you some blog post ideas as well.

There’s an art to utilising keywords in a natural way and if a blog’s written well, users won’t be put off by obvious keyword placements and the blog will be able to generate views through search engines. 

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